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Strategies of winning in Book Of Ra: workable patterns

Strategies of winning Book Of Ra

Venturous users, regularly starting Book Of Ra of different versions, have the only goal – to win fast by spending the minimum of their own funds. Gambling – is quite a risky pursuit, that is why, along with big luck there can also be the serious blow-ups of accounts, but a person who plays reasonably can get not bad profit. Gamers find on the Internet the different patterns for instant money receipt subject to following the correct conditions of using them. Further you can see the most famous among them, and also the information from experts and experienced gamers which will help to understand if there is any sense to play with the help of similar strategies.

Game with prompt change of bet

Starting simulators for different amounts of money is considered to be one of the most popular strategies. It's always necessary to start with minimum and with activation of only one line. Further, if you do not succeed to win then it's needed to gradually increase the amount of bet and the quantity of active lines. An option with proportional increase is considered to be the ideal one (1 line – 1 credit, 3 – 40; 5 – 80, 7 – 130, 9 – 200). Because for such variant of game the serious bankroll is required, this option will not suit those who do not have the opportunity to spin the reels in a big way. According to the statement of promoters of such strategy, the machine is gradually turning into «hot» and finally gives away the hefty margin.

Serious bets: excellent chance for winning

The sense of strategy is to play with maximum bet from the first round. This is made by means of activation of nine or ten lines (depending on version of slot) and using the maximum quantity of credits per spin. According to information of some gamers, this increases the chance of winning considerably because the producer of the machine embedded the mathematical calculation which transforms the algorithm responding for successful completion of round into ideal variant. This means that in the mathematical scheme of slot there is provision thanks to which the probability of payoffs increases after making big bets.

Timing-wise game

There are few strategies which promise that while choosing the particular time of game, the gamer will be winning more oftenly. One of such intervals is the period from 23:00 to 2:00. Because the highest traffic of visitors in any casino falls on evening and night time, the machine Book Of Ra is starting in this period more intensively. Its internal money box collects the particular amount little by little, and this launches the mechanism of big payouts, because the slot becomes «hot».

Opinions of experts and profi

The above mentioned techniques, promising 100% wins while starting machines from the range Book Of Ra, are by far not a solitary one. On the internet it's possible to find 10 more similar strategies. As all independent experts and experienced gamers state, such schemes are lies and serve for ordinary enticement of simpletons to the sites with gaming machines. The win in casino can be only by chance. In licensed clubs, all machines have embedded generators of random digits, which is not possible to «tamper». This does not allow to estimate or predict the results of rounds.

At the sites of frauds, the machines are not certified and these are the simple scripts. They are standard imitations of famous brands. They do not have the programs of honesty control or random number generators (or they are much modified). By starting them, the user gets guaranteed loss. It does not matter completely if he follows any pattern during the game or not. In any case, the blow up of the account will be guaranteed.


It is worthwhile to entertain for real money only with proven and reliable resources with a valid license. The patterns presented above or strategies of gaming at Book Of Ra or any other emulators of casino will not help to win. Rather the opposite: they will lead to faster failure. Good luck!